Amokshikha is a name someone gave me because they felt Amoksh and Shikha belong together. I am a banker by profession, writer by choice and a poet at heart. I have published 5 Standalones in my name along with one Anthology, where I co-edited and am also a contributor. After 15 years of actively writing and over 18 years of learning this craft, I decided to leave a digital impression in my name.

My journey so far was described by a friend when he said, “Well, that’s how roll, isn’t it? You write something great and get trolled for it. You aim to write trash, and end up creating a masterpiece.”

I wouldn’t call any of my work trash, because the reader in me is obsessed with the writer in me. This is my space and an inner view of my mind. I hope, each page takes you on a journey, where you can meet yourself.