Midas- A Healing Touch

Chapter 30

Sia woke up with a smile and she wasn’t faking it. I greeted her with a coffee mug but this time I really gave it to her. I felt like giving her some memento to celebrate her victory over her demons, and then I thought a coffee made by me would be the best.

“Can I meet Daai Maa?” she asked.

“Of course. She has gone to temple but will be back in some time. I’m sorry for lying. “

She just smiled. And it was enough.

“You wanna meet Vinay?” I asked her.

“I’ll just quickly cahnge and will come outside. Can you do me a favour? Can you take both of us to the Ganges?”

“Of course, I will. You will have to pay me, though.” I joked.

“I’ll pay in burgers.’

“No.. Please don’t. I will do it for free.” I said. We were not even hiding that we hated those burgers anymore. We were vocal about it. All I want is to pack our stuff and shift somewhere else.

At the Ganges, Vinay and I waited until she took a stroll. She felt like thanking Mahadev and Ganga Ji for giving her strength to fight her demons. Healing isn’t magic. It’s not a wand that will just make disappear all the monsters. They will stay, they will continue to haunt, just that we build enough strength to deal with them. I never knew she was skeptical about relationships because she was scared of second chances. And rightly so. She had a horrible first relationship that broke her confidence in pieces and from there she carefully curated her life bit by bit. How hard it must have been for her. To take one step forward and going 400 steps backwards and yet never giving up. She was tired of faking a smile and yet she woke up every day and fought like a warrior.

She came back and we sat on the same place where she and Trisha met Vinay when he proposed to her. She laughed at the thought. Vinay was there but he was not ordering anything. He was traumatised from knowing what she went through all these years. He was very sorry for what happened to her. Sia ordered the Jalebi and Lassi and a couple more dishes. And then she said, “I’m sorry, Vinay. I gave you the punishment for something you didn’t even do. It wasn’t you. It was me. It was the demons in my head playing with my life and unfortunately you had to face the wrath.”

“Don’t say that, please. I wish I could not have gone. I wish I could have stayed. But more than anything, I am sorry. I am sorry for triggering your truama. It’s my inbuilt character that I do not need stories to fall in love with someone. I heard your story and trust me it had zero effect on the love I have for you. I feel sorry for what you went through, I am angry on myself for not being there for you, but I love you the exact same amount I loved you when I first saw you or when I first proposed to you. I’m sorry that you had to relive that past because of me. You didn’t have to do that for me. And I am happy that you did it for yourself. For your healing. And not just because you love me. Because love is love. If it’s bound by conditions, it ain’t love. If you had said you want me back in your life, I would have been the happiest. I don’t need reasons to love you. Neither I want to seek explanations for what you did or what you do or what you will do in future.. I am always going to love you. And if it means staying here in that burger store building all my life, I would happily do it in all of my lives to come.”

“Not that building, please…” I said and looked at Sia for affirmation.

“You know Sia,” Vinay said, “I feel you are not scared of another man. You are not frightened by the presence of a person in your empire. You are enough on your own for yourself and your people. You are just careful of not letting a clown enter your palace and turn it into a circus. You are not scared of marriage, you are scared of it being a horrible one. You are not scared of intimacy, you are scared of intercourse and relive that pain. You are scared of conceiving another child and losing it to fate. You are not scared of second chances, you are scared of that chance to be the exact replica of the first… You are not scared for your Empire, you are scared for your heart. And I am sorry for unknowingly having broken it…”

“Marry me,” she said much to our surprise.

“Wh..what?” He asked.

“Yes. I’ve given it the thought. Marry me. I might still need time to heal, and might never take a chance for another baby, or might not give you the supposed happiness that men wants from a woman.. our relationship might still be kind of platonic. But marry me. I don’t promise you anything except for the fact that I will stay alive for you. I don’t promise you anything except we will explore the us without losing the me. I will not lose my individuality and I will not let you lose your individuality either. We will live like there’s no tomorrow, and we will die like we will be reborn just a second later with another journey only to find each other. Marry me..”

“Yes… Yes.. I will marry you. I won’t make many promises, too. But I will continue to love you, and give you the space. I will be here when you will heal yourself. And you will. I promise you that. And about kids… It’s ok. We will tell Rritvikh to marry and make babies and we will play with his kids..”

“Excuse me? You guys want me to make babies for your entertainment??” I asked.

“You can’t do that much for your supposedly bestest friend?” She asked me.

“Ah.. I mean.. We will see that when time comes…”

Later, Sia met Daai Maa and had an emotional time. She agreed to do her Kanyadan.

I became the best man for her. Vinay wanted me to be his best man but I couldn’t leave her alone.

We went to Jaipur for the marriage. He made sure she was comfortable but wanted another closure for her. When he saw she was missing her parents and was lost in thoughts probably of the rituals in her first wedding, Vinay told her he needed her help for some project and it couldn’t wait.

All the aunties and the people back in Banaras whose lives she had touched were present in the wedding. One of them told Vinay that it wasn’t auspicious if they would walk out of the place. But Vinay being Vinay told them that he had bought all the land of this palace and nearby palaces. So they would not walk out of the place they own. I wonder why both of them bought land like they were buying peanuts.

He took her in the car and went to another palace with only the two of them. He applied Haldi to her and so did she. And they had fun alone. They sang and they danced and then came back like nothing happened.

He made sure she was happy and she was genuinely happy. Even on the wedding day, he didn’t leave her side until I came because he couldn’t trust anyone else. He didn’t want anyone to say anything to her that would trigger her anxiety. It was her time to shine. I entered her room and told Vinay to get ready and I would bring her to the Mandap. I had bought my own suit in her room only. And I got dressed there. I was more like a very proud bridesmaid for her. She looked very beautiful. She picked pink for the wedding because she realised it wasn’t the colour that was to be blamed for what happened. It was a proof of her healing, too. She put the Swiss Knife in her little purse.

“Why didn’t it work that night, Shah? When you asked me all those questions, why didn’t it helped with the anxiety?” Sia asked me.

“Because in last 7 years or so, you always thought of this Swiss Knife to be the Midas Touch for you. It was a symbol of strength. A promise that silently whispered, ‘I’m here’, however that night you searched for it as an escape. Escapes never really heal us. Confrontations does. We know deep down what our scars are and what would it take for us to heal. The question is, Are you even asking yourself the right questions? Are you even seeking answers?”

“That makes sense. Like most of your writing does. By the way, this theatre and all is good, but when are you publishing your first book?”

“We will talk about me later. This is your day to shine! Let’s go..”

I walked her aisle. I made her stand on one side of the stage and performed on a song to welcome them and to express my deepest feelings for their love story.

Right after the wedding, I told them I everyone that there is a little prayer to be held upstairs and I will have to steal the newlywed for some time. I lied but I think Mahadev will forgive me..

I took them to a floor where no one was allowed. It was a conference hall. There were half played board games, some other outdoor sports, there was food, all of their favorites. There was no staff there so it was all self serve, however I told them that there were cameras for the pictures that we would select later. But they were free to do whatever they wanted to do there. Just because they were starting a new life together, didn’t mean they had to restart everything. They could pick an already half played board game and play for five minutes and move on to another one. Being in a wedding gown or a wedding suit didn’t mean they were supposed to be sitting in front of a camera man and starve themselves because every bite they took was being clicked. They were free to eat Street food and in fact, anything that they liked. The only two things not present at that place was, one the famous infamous burger and two the dish she wanted for the hotel but didn’t have the recipe. Those who know, know.

I left them to have fun, and I sat in the lobby outside. And thought about what she said. My book. When was I going to publish it.

So I started writing the story of the one who didn’t like back stories. Because, well, I am a rebel. And I got a chance to troll Sia.

After their wedding, we took a flight to the USA. We had a couple of stops midway, but they really had fun. I, however, was writing this story.

At USA we had another suprise waiting for us. Vinay had already built her dream home based on what she told him 3 years ago at his home in Delhi. The exact same home. She was shocked to see that, and she started jumping in excitement. Vinay told us that as soon as he flew to USA after their breakup, he planned to create this home for her and prayed everyday so she comes back in his life.

He also told us that all this while, he was not taking any active participation in his business. He would attend meetings and give insights but all from the living room of this house. All he would do was try to create art. Every day. Every single day he would take a project and remember her gift shop and create it like she would. He had filled all the walls of this house on both the floors.

“People say that I have done wonders for creative people, while I struggled everyday in last 3 years to even create anything. I lost my creativity when I lost you. Or maybe it got transferred to you. But now that we are back in each other’s life, where will I hang my creativite pieces, there is no space..”

“There is a wall on the last room which is empty.. just kidding. I will bring another floor or another home if you start it. I promise..” he said.

“Vinay, you should give her a gift. It’s her first day here,” I said, more so because I was choking on my tears myself.

Vinay pulled a diamond ring and placed it on her finger. He said, “If you click on this diamond, it will double as a Swiss knife. The knife is folded in a round shape and will come out if you need it. Now you don’t have to carry that Swiss Knife anymore..”

“Holy shit! That’s amazing!” I said.

Sia looked at the ring and played with it a couple of times and laughed.

“What’s the significance of Swiss Knife, though?” I finally asked the question that was bothering me for so long.

“It’s psychological. We carry Swiss Knife to save us from an outside danger. We also carry it because subconsciously, we want to be saved. We want to live. It helps in sending the signal to our mind and soul that we want to outlive the danger. And while it does save us from a dangerous situation, it also subconsciously help us to fight the inner demons.”

“That’s precisely what it did for me. It is my Midas Touch,” Sia said.

“No sweetheart. YOU are the Midas Touch. You were always the Midas Touch. You touched me and saved my life! This was just metal. You are the Midas, and yours is the Midas Touch.”

I excused myself to go my room. An all black room in between the all white house of theirs. I looked at my books, all neatly lined up on the shelf. I touched the books and the wall turned into a door that opened in a library. He had packed all of my books and brought them here. I could only cry with so much of gratitude in my heart.

He had bought more books, probably all of them on my to be read pile. There were designated chairs and tables in front of it. In fact, he had somehow got access to my unpublished books and had printed them and placed them all right behind my chair. The books were hard bound, and had blank pages for me to fill in. As I walked past that, I realized he had also got printed my scripts and placed them nicely in the drawers, for easy access.

From being someone he almost wanted to kill, to someone who has got a place back in their lives, I have had the best character arc. And I know Sia is gonna kill me for saying this.

I came back to my room and as I sat in my bed, I am unable to decide, whether or not I should give this book to them.

While this is a love story that depicts their life journey in an honest way, it also uncovers some scars. I am not sure if any of them is ready to read it.

They say the finest of the novels start with a small question. And ends with a bigger one.

So, my fellow readers..

We started this book with a puzzle. I will leave you with another one.

I, Rrithvikh Shah, give this book to you to help me decide whether Sia or Vinay should read it or not. If you ever find them near you, decide it on behalf of me, and if you decide yes, please pass it on to them.

And just so you,
Bade bade desho me… Aisi choti choti baatein…


P.S. A book on the side table of my bed titled “A centenary of 50 years” had the very last laugh…

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