Midas- A Healing Touch

Chapter 28

Before talking to her, I wanted to have another conversation with Vinay. So I took him to the place where all of it started. Yes. The gym.

The place had a different aesthetic then when they first met at that place. There were multiple shopping complex adorned with colourful lights. But the moon remained the same. The soft breeze remained the same. Mahadev continued to bless His home.

“All of it started from here..” Vinay said as a refreshing smile appeared on his face.

“It all started with me, but nevermind..” I said.

“Why did you bring me here?”

“I talked to her doctor. We have planned on something. And I don’t think you will agree to this. But this is the last resort.”

“Why do you always say that I wouldn’t understand or I wouldn’t agree?” Vinay asked in almost an angry tone.

“Sit,” I pointed to a roadside tree, and continued, “First off. Calm the fuck down! I said you wouldn’t agree not because I think you are weak or something but because your love for her surpasses everything else for you. Even your sufferings or hers for that matter.”

“That’s not true..”

“That’s not true?” I laughed out aloud, “You have always chosen distance over confrontation. I don’t know why, but it has been your core personality trait ever since childhood. You don’t ask questions. You don’t seek answers. You just assume people don’t want you in their lives and leave. You just assume you are not wanted anymore. You just assume that your presence is unworthy.”

“That is not the case..”

“That is not the case? Did you confront your parents when they didn’t allow you in kitchen? Did you confront them when when they sent you abroad? Hell, did you confront me when I deceived you?? Nopes. No. You didn’t. You decided to kill yourself instead of hitting me or slapping me and showing your anger. Then all of a sudden you realised that you love this mysterious girl you don’t even know the name of, and you decided to live. And when you met her, you didn’t let her explain any of her circumstances. You just gave her a bland statement that sounded like a fairytale, ‘I will love you without knowing your story.’ Wow! And when she had those nightmares and panic attacks, you tried everything in your power to comfort her and kill the reason of her anxiety then and there, but what you didn’t do was TALK!. You didn’t ask her why she was anxious or what were the reasons of her panic attacks. She kept smiling because she didn’t have to confront her monsters, something that always scared her. But was it really what she needed? And to top it all, when she told you to leave, you didn’t ask her the reasons of her leaving you. You just left! You just left…”

“If I am so bad, why have you ever called me back?” He snapped.

“YOU.. Your morals. Your principles. Your goodness. Your story. Everything all about you you and you. Did you even think for once what could have hurt her?”

“You think I didn’t? Every day since I was gone I was thinking why and when did I hurt her. What were the things she didn’t like about me. I didn’t eat the food she didn’t like. I stopped listening to the songs she didn’t like. Every day I would watch Shah Rukh’s movies thinking maybe it was about the reference I couldn’t catch that she broke up with me. I have had nightmares, too.” He started to cry.

“I wish you had stayed…..”

“I wish that, too. But I felt it was the righteous thing to do. Respecting and honouring the wishes of people I love and the ones who claimed to love me once. I didn’t confront, but I didn’t feel bad about it, either. I still do not need answers. And I will continue to be like this.”

“Had you been in Treta Yug, you would have been Lord Ram. He did the exact same things. Chose distance over confrontation. But this is neither that Yug nor are we the reincarnations of God. Her name is Sia but she doesn’t want to be a Goddess. She is not morally right. In fact, we are all morally grey. Except for the greatest your highness. I don’t know why you want to be a moral compass for everything and everyone.”

“I don’t have any such motives neither I am seeking an award for who I am. But I can’t change myself.”

“We are not asking you to change, Vinay!” Now I was the one who snapped. ” No one’s asking you to change. You are probably the greenest of all flags. But you have to understand that it hurts the people you are close to. Your goodness, if it becomes a bit toxic for the ones in your presence, is not really a quality. Your goodness is not serving the ones you love, it’s making it harder for them to breathe. When you got a chance to repay the supposed debt that she has over you of saving your life, at least give yourself a chance!”

“What’s your plan?” He asked.

“I’ve solved half of the mystery, but I want her to narrate the rest of it. When you went away, she was broken. I have seen it. Her veins are all blue and red because of multiple injections, her face has gone pale because of the mess in her brain. She wakes up in the night, panics, and behaves like her mind has lost control over her body. As if she is dealing with multiple monsters all at once. Her eyes no longer possess that shine which I have seen in her older pics. She has got swelling in all parts of her body, even when she wishes to celebrate certain benchmarks she is unable to because her body doesn’t allow her. I have seen it all.. In fact in childhood when you left I was broken, too. I feel like you can’t see your loved ones face even a minor inconvenience because of you, and so you leave. But do you know what those minor inconveniences we cause people do to them? People either build their wounds around those situations or heal their scars because of those inconveniences. Minor fights, healthy fights are the ones that make a relationship healthy. It cannot always be sunshine. There has to be rain. Otherwise life becomes a desert to say the least.”

“Did you never fall in love with her?” It was perhaps the hardest question he was dealing with in his mind.

“I did. I even proposed to her. In fact, there are girls who are behind me, I am quite popular with them. And then there is her. She denied my proposal. Was I joking? Perhaps, Yes! Was I serious? If that was one way to keep her happy, I was hell serious on that. Did I hold a grudge? No, I didn’t. Then we became the bestest of friends, and now I would reject her a millions of time. Like, eww… Have you seen her face? Who would love her?” I started to laugh.

“Stop that!. Come on..”

“But you know what? She needs you. Despite having crores in her bank account, she lives at that burger store building. Have you ever wondered why?”

“Because I bought it, maybe?”

“Because when she was with you in your home, she wanted a place of her own, too. But she wanted that home with you. You were her home. If you are not available, it doesn’t matter where she lives. She would never make a house since you are not going to be a part of it. That is how much she loves you! She needs you. And I need you, too. Let’s go and bring her back…”

“Let’s do this. I am here. And I promise I will not go.”

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