Midas- A Healing Touch

Chapter 27

Sia was getting used to Vinay’s presence in our apartment. However, a little part of her mind wasn’t liking the threat that came with him. That little part of her brain kept giving her sleepless nights. She would panic at slightest of things.

One night in her nightmares I heard her say, “Don’t beat him Vinay. You will kill him, and you will die.. Don’t beat him. He will die..”

I asked Vinay if he knew about this? And he denied. There was certainly something that was off. Vinay and I sat in the lobby of our apartment, and I enquired about what exactly happened in between the two. He told me about his confession to her on Trisha’s wedding. And how she went back to get ready and told him she would have to go with her friend and then a couple days later she broke up with him over a phone conversation.

“You said you waited for her?” I asked him.

“Yes. In the parking lot of this same building. I kept waiting for her all night. But she didn’t show up.”

“Did you have a fight with someone?”

“On the last day?”

“Yes, and what exactly was the date, by the way?”

“Trisha’s wedding was in September. It was 29th of September when I waited for her. I was waiting here and then…”

“And then?”

“And then there was this auto driver, he was in a uniform strangely. Auto drivers here don’t wear uniform, so I guess he was an outsider. He was trying to assault a young girl and I saw him and beat him black and blue. Then I came back to the parking lot and kept waiting.”

“I think she came that day. And she saw you get violent with someone and got scared and then got a panic attack. Because that’s precisely the same date I called her and was told she had been admitted to a hospital.”

“It all happened because of me?I won’t be able to forgive myself if that’s the case.”

“We will deal with your scars later. Wait a second…” I said as I pulled a parcel from the cupboard. It was her belongings I was given at the hospital. I showed it to him.

“No way she was wearing that! It’s pink. She hated that colour.” Vinay told me.

“It’s becoming a mystery now. I will have to dig deeper.”

“We will figure something out.” He said..

“Hmm..” I said as I kept the parcel back at it’s place and went in the kitchen to make more coffee.

We then headed towards the balcony to have some fresh air.

“You know..” I said, “In a hypothetical situation, if she had to part ways with you and all of your memories in order to heal, she would deny healing. That is how much she loves you.”

“She would do the same if it was you and your friendship in place of me and my memories.” He said with a comfortable smile.

I looked at the sky, with my nerves streching, building tension in my body.

“It’s ok. We will find a way to heal her. It’s hypothetical situations we are discussing anyways…” He put his hand on my shoulder.

“I wish! I wish this wasn’t hypothetical. I wish the question you just asked was real. I will tell you what she would do. She would choose healing over my friendship and me. Because that’s what we have talked about, too. She would have to chose healing over me, and she would do that without even blinking an eye. She would know that’s what I would chose for her. I wish this was real. And healing was this easy.”

“You know, earlier I was very jeleous of your friendship, but now I have immense respect for the two of you. And for the bond that you share. Veer waited 22 years for Zaara without a hope, it’s not even been 22 days when I am back. I am sure she will accept my apology.”

His words rang a different kind of hue in my ears. “Bravo!”

“Bravo, what?”

“Veer Zaara… I found a way.. why did I not think of it earlier.”

“What? What are you gonna do?”

“I’ll tell you tomorrow. But you will have to do another of my work in the meantime..” I told him.


Next morning, I went to take a stroll around the Ganges with Sia. And I said, “I have got some news. And I want to be direct with you. I don’t want to leave you here but there are situations I will have to deal with. I will have to go out of the town for a couple of days.”

“But… What am I going to do until then? You know I can’t live with him alone…”

“I know. You will have to control your hormones..”

“Shut up. That’s not what I meant,” she hit me and we both laughed.

“I know.. I know what you meant. And that’s why I want to promise you that if you need me, I will be here. Leaving everything behind. But Sia, we have worked on healing and you know that. We have tried medications, meditations, therapy, all of it. Now you are off the medicines and it’s time we put our efforts to a test. I am not asking you to come out of your comfort zone. No.. You don’t have to see his face or even talk to him. I will ask Trisha to give you a visit and she will be with you. It will be fun. And I will be back, I swear. There’s something I need to take care of, and I will tell you what it is after I come back. It’s all messed up in my head for now. I don’t want to overburden you with that. Also, I have told Vinay about your situation, he will be empathic. Trust me, even if it’s hard to trust yourself or anyone else.”

“Ok.. I know you wouldn’t go if it wasn’t that urgent. But if I will need you, you will have to come back.”

“I will keep a private jet at an arm’s length all time. One call and I will be here in less than an hour. I promise.”

“What will you bring me from there?”

“Make a list…” I said.


Sia called me. But it was not a panic attack. Thankfully. “Hey..” she said , “I need your advice on something..”

“Shoot…” I said. I didn’t mean literally, though.

“Yes.. So you know what happened? You said I should do something to come out of the comfort zone, even the tiniest bits count, right?”

“Of course.” I said.

“So, since I didn’t have anything to work on, I asked Vinay for a visit to his Banaras Office. Just to divert my mind to something productive..”

“You did what?'”

“Yeah.. tease me later. But listen to what happened after that. Remember I told you I always doubted the vibe of this office. Turned out they have to pitch an idea to the investors and someone leaked the entire presentation to the rivals. And now they are going to present it. Vinay asked me to leave it as it is. It doesn’t matter and all that shite.. But you know me, don’t you?”

“Yes. I know you. So tell me what’s the plan?”

“Look.. I don’t have a solid plan as of now, but I need your expert advice on what can be done.”

“Based on what I have learnt in theatre, I have two little pieces of advice for you. If someone has stolen the idea of your company, they wouldn’t know the detailed discussion that went in the creation of that. Use that detail and rather look at that idea from a competitor’s Pov and troll them for that idea in front of everyone. Second thing, start from the very scratch. Find something in the trash folder, usually that’s where the treasure is. Search the recycle bin, vaguely go through what can be done still, and create a new presentation without involving anyone at all. There may be other ways of winning this, but right now, these two are what will do the work for you. Ping me if you need any further help. And hey, Win it!”

“Thanks, Shah. I think I know what to do now. You know something, Vinay asked me whether we will win or not? And I said, I don’t know about the winning. But I won’t make you lose. Tiny steps. All in the right direction. Exactly the way you asked me to.”

“Go for it,” I said and hung up the phone.

I talked to a lot of people and tried to gather as much information as I could. She called me the next day to explain how they won against their competitors. And asked me when I was coming back. I told her I would need a couple more days. But I gave her homework to keep her occupied with something. I asked her to create a presentation for Amoksh-The Hotel. I told her it was time to live her dream and make it a beautiful reality.


By the time I came back, I saw a different Sia altogether. She had realised her true potential but maybe there was more to come. She had her presentation ready and she wanted me to arrange a meeting with the investors, even when she didn’t need any, provided she had earned a huge sum of money herself.

I would look at her often and smile to myself with tears forming a lump in my throat. Vinay asked me if I found something.

“Have you seen a lioness roar?” I asked him.

“No.. But what has that got to do with her past or my question.?” He asked me.

“You will see it tomorrow morning.”


At a nice restaurant of a 5 star hotel, a meeting was arranged with the existing investors of Vinay and my company. We wanted to give them the first chance to invest.

Sia roared like a lioness when it came to her dream project. Amoksh, a concept that gave her hope for this life instead of living the entire life in the search of Salvation, the greater goodness. She wanted to create a place so good, that people will want to die and come back again on the earth to spend time there. The way she presented the idea to the investors, even Vinay and I started to clap. And when she was done with explaining, she took a seat. I woke up, and took the centre stage and began to speak, “As Ms. Sia Aherya said, Amoksh is a better heaven on the Earth. A way of living and very close to her heart. However, she will not be discussing any sort of profit sharing or revenue generation schemes with you.” Vinay’s heart dropped because as a businessman himself, he knew no one will invest without a revenue plan. Sia on the other hand looked at me and gave me a wicked smile.

I continued, “As we already know, Ms. Sia has already earned a huge sum of money that’s anyways lying idle in bank bearing lesser interest than inflation rates. Moreover, I am interested in this concept and so is Vinay as we trust her abilities to move forward. She has won a global concept twice being a one woman army. However, still we want to give you a chance to invest if you feel connected to the soul of the project. If you agree, the paperworks and other formalities can be done later. If you need time to think over, that can be given.”

They talked among themselves, while Vinay told me, “What was that like have you guys gone mad? I have never seen a business proposal like that.”

“That was a lionesses roar, darling. Wait for it.” I told him.

“We are ready to invest. Let’s negotiate the other terms and conditions next week.” They all said in unison.

“Told ya!” I told Vinay as I stood up to shake hands with everyone. I knew she could do wonders on her own. This was nothing in front of the battles she have fought and won.

She wanted to celebrate with both of us, but I gave them some privacy. I wanted her to rebuild her trust over Vinay.

I headed straight to Sia’s doctor, the one who was treating her since last three years. We have had multiple sessions with and without involving Sia. I wanted to take him in confidence before I pulled the cards under my sleeves.

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