Midas- A Healing Touch

Chapter 25

Next morning, Sia woke up with a smile. A fake plastered smile. I, surprisingly, had a cup of tea in my hands.

“Is it for me?” she asked.

“No ways.. I made it for myself,” I told her.

“But you told me last night that you will make it for me.”

“In your dreams.” I said and started sipping. It wasn’t as per my taste so I made a bad face and left it on the side table of her bed. I, then, walked out.

She picked up the cup, took a sip, and liked it. I saw her smiling. I knew she was pretending to be ok, but if that is what she needed, I was with her.

Trisha and Rahul gave her a surprise visit and they got suprised (read, Shocked), to see Vinay living with us. But I gestured to them that everything was under control.

“I can’t believe you did it all over again. Congratulations Sia.. I am so happy for you,” Trisha hugged her as soon as she saw Sia.

“Thank you.. Thank you…” Sia felt elated.

“You know what? Now I want to know all the details. How did you manage it all?” Trisha asked her, as they got themselves seated in the lobby of the apartment. Rahul, Vinay were already seated. And I joined them with a tray of cold drinks and some munchkins. I asked Vinay to order the food for us because he had a great pallate.

“Ya.. So, when I came back to Banaras during your wedding I went to our gift shop. Turned out, they were low on profits because apparently Artificial Intelligence has taken over everything. I felt so bad and I just wanted to do something. But it was more like choosing only one of your eye. You can’t do that! Like that’s a given.”

“I can understand. Especially since the first solo project you made was all about AI. And how to feed the details of your dreams on a software to make better understanding of the subconscious and unconscious minds. And it had a success rate of over 95% which was huge! And on another hand, the creative side of yours, the second home you curated with love and emotions, was suffering because of the same AI. I can understand how you must be feeling,” Trisha told her.

“Yes.. And after your wedding and the apparent breakup I had, I started getting attacks. But then, all of a sudden, Shah came in my life. And, even though I hate this guy,” she continued as I started to laugh, “I am grateful for his timely guidance. He didn’t fight my battles for me. But he gave me a hope. Now that I think of this, you know, we were watching Dear Zindagi that day. He thought Shah Rukh as Dr. Jug will heal me. You remember that?”

“Yes. I do..” I said. “So, you see I am a business man, but my business is run by a qualified team and I barely make a visit except if it’s an urgency. It’s making a profit and I get a share, so that’s not much of my concern. And by no way I am degrading the profession. I have huge respect for people who start and run businesses. In fact, Sia started two of my favourites. But anyways, I feel I am more of a movie greek myself. And after meeting Sia, I started to relive my passion for theatre. I joined a course here and we were discussing the effect of movies on our brains and how they play a major role in healing. So I thought I will try that on Sia.”

“Yups. And, although I have seen that movie multiple times, I am still not convinced with a lot of things. So he told me about choosing the easy path for once. And choose one of my eye,” she winked at me and continued, “but my heart wanted both. So I told him, and I am sorry Vinay if that hurts you.” Vinay shrugged at the sudden mention of his name..

“Let me tell everyone what you said, I remember,” I told her, “She told me that it’s so easy to shout at someone or beg them to take responsibility for your bad condition, especially when they are directly/indirectly involved. It’s easy to just tell them that they made your life hell. It’s easy to blame them for the panic attacks. It takes guts to take responsibility for what you have done or said though! It’s hard to take accountability for what has already happened. It takes courage to rebuild the life which has been destroyed in front of your eyes.. And it takes patience to see no progress at all. Sometimes when you plan to rebuild your life all again, you realise that the progress is barely there. Barely visible. Most times it feels like you are on a backward journey instead of a forward one. But it’s only that time, when it’s the test of your true character. It’s proven only at your lowest of lows of what material you are made of. And no, you hadn’t signed up for pain, suffering or heartbreak. But here you are. And while being here, it’s only up to you. You can either play the blame game or take action. It’s easy to say “they messed up!”. It’s easy to say “let’s choose one thing between our passion and emotion and stick to it like good kids”. And harder to say, “What has happened has happened!. I will rebuild the empire, and it will rise from ashes!” Due respect to what Dr. Jug aka Shah Rukh said for taking easier paths, sometimes, taking the harder path is the only way to go. It’s easy to shout. Harder to stay silent when it’s killing you inside. They might scare you in dreams, but life ain’t all fairytales. And your reality is in your own hands. It’s easy to shout. But you are not going to choose that, right? Because it’s easy to shout. And I chose otherwise.”

I took a deep breath, as if it was a test on my memory and I was a kid in playschool having to narrate the alphabet without messing up on a single word.. I continued, “My supposedly bestest friend, the one I hate and I can’t stand, told me that there was an easy path but she chose otherwise. I just walked that path with her.”

She smiled at the thought and said, “I decided to do the exact opposite of what that movie was trying to teach. I’m not saying that it wasn’t the right way, it was just not right for me. So, with hope and new found determination, and a Midas in my palms, I decided to use AI for a better society. I used it to collect the database of artisans all over the world, I then created a web portal, just like Google, but only for the artists. Artists of all craft and callibre. I started with my own shop, but over time, we connected with artists all over the world and showed them our plan. AI could have taken over, but you know what? AI will never be able to replicate the complexities of a human brain, because our brain intervines with the heart and soul, and we are emotion driven people, after all. So I took the best use of AI and used it against its very own threat to my people. Now the portal has millions of artists that show the process of how they create each art in a short video and then sell it directly on the website and earn revenue. While using AI, I also created an Anti AI software that would detect which art work is original and which one is a copy. It was easy. AI will always be perfect. However the software took a while to make. But now it’s done. Tested and already won me a prize. Because while the world is celebrating the possibilities of AI, we cannot be blinded by the threats. Done might feel I took the easy step to get it done by AI, what they do not know, is I have used it against itself. The trick is, not to feed the best of your codes in there. Rest, as they say, is her story. Rest, as I say, is my story. But I’m sure there is more to come.”

Everyone was so elated and we all clapped for her. The food arrived and there was another cake. Sometimes, with the differences, Sia and I talked about giving kisses to Vinay (yes I, too) for ordering the best of cuisines.

That night Trisha and Rahul stayed for a sleepover. Sia was happy. Vinay and I decided to take a stroll downstairs. I knew she would be okay and taken care of.

“I feel kind of jealous of the chemistry you two share?” Vinay told me.

“We are jealous of your food tastes…” I said jokingly.

He laughed. “I feel like I need a friendship like that, too. Never had one. Or maybe never knew how to keep one.”

“You had me. You had her, too. You chose to trust me and then hate me and then you chose to love her. You didn’t give friendship a chance. And now you are complaining.”

“Yeah.. but… You and I could never be good friends, and I still love her but she doesn’t.”

“She does.”

“I don’t think so. She wouldn’t have broken up with me.”

“She does. That’s all I know, and that’s all I can tell you for now.”

“Can I restart this? I mean is there a way to start afresh with her like a friend. I want to be her best friend. Or the way you two call each other, I want to be her bestest friend.”

“You can’t do that. For two reasons.” I said, almost laughing.

“And why is that?” he asked me.

“Because you love her so much you won’t be able to give her even minute inconvenience. And friendship stands for trolling, pulling legs, even abusing and making the other person so uncomfortable that they start crying. Of course, it’s mutual. If it’s one sided, it is toxic. It is supposed to be both ways. She would still try to troll you at times, but you wouldn’t be able to do that because the goodness of your heart won’t allow you. You love her so much you can not be her best friend.”

He smiled at the thought. And yet asked me, “And what about the second reason?”

“I am there on the first position. And hell no, I won’t trade that for anything not even share that place with someone else. Even if you love her the most. In fact, you know what? She is innocent and she loves everyone. And that makes everyone special. But her hatred and her trolling are only for me.. And that’s why I am her bestest friend. I am happy with that hatred. I just want her to heal.”

“Maybe you are right. I am glad she found you when she needed someone the most.” He gave me a hug.

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