Midas- A Healing Touch

Chapter 22

Amidst the lively Hindu wedding rituals, Sia and Vinay managed to create pockets of tranquility where they engaged in heartfelt conversations. Their connection was undeniable, and with each exchanged word and shared glance, it became increasingly difficult for Sia to resist her growing feelings for Vinay.

He kept a watch on her and whenever he saw she was getting uncomfortable with a situation, he would nahi call appeared there and gave her an escape.

During the sacred pheras, a pivotal moment in the wedding ceremony where the couple walks around a holy fire, Sia asked him, “Let’s listen to the sacred vows.”

“But you denied getting married,” he teased her.

“Yes. Sorry..” she said.

“Hey.. Don’t be sorry. I was just kidding. Let’s listen to this. So we know what we are subscribing to when we will say Yes to each other.”

Vinay looked at the priest and listened carefully what was being talked. While Sia forgot to listen to anything because she was too busy looking at Vinay and listening to his heartbeats.

After the pheras were done and Trisha was taken inside for more rituals, Vinay took Sia to a quieter corner and made her sit down under the stars. In a heartfelt and surprising gesture, he declared his profound commitment to Sia. While traditional pheras typically involve the couple taking vows together, Vinay used this moment to express his dedication to her. With a mixture of sincerity and passion, he said, “I heared what was being said there. In fact, I can recite that word by word I have learnt it. But maybe, may be, I feel I should make my own promises. With due respect to the traditions and culture, I want to make my own vows. And these are irrespective of whether or not you say Yes.”

Her heart was in her mouth. She know she was about to get proposed. But she wasn’t ready for it. She knew she will say No.

He stopped a waiter and picked a glass of cold drink and drank it in one go. He then asked another waiter to stop and ate a couple of finger foods. Sia knew he was anxious. But she waited patiently with tears rolling up in her eyes.

He finally looked deep in her eyes, say down, held her hands, and said, “I promise I will always love you.
I promise I will always find an excuse to steal you from the world.
I promise my love for you will always exceed my love for food.
I promise I will never let anyone trigger your traumas. I know you haven’t shared them with me, but I have observed in the time I have spent with you.
I promise I will be with you and will make sure no one makes you uncomfortable ever again.
I promise I will not let anyone shout in your presence.
I promise I will just love you without reasons. Nothing about your past, present or future will ever change my love for you.”

Sia, initially taken aback by his words, inquired about how he knew of her traumas, as she hadn’t shared these deeply personal experiences with him. Vinay’s response was a gentle and caring smile, and he confessed that he had been paying close attention to her. He recounted specific instances where she had experienced distress, such as the panic attack she had at the USA office when an employer raised their voice. Vinay pledged that, from that day forward, no one would raise their voice in her presence.

He continued to outline potential triggers for her trauma, referencing moments from their shared experiences. Vinay vowed never to inflict pain upon her in any of those ways. Sia, overwhelmed with emotion, couldn’t hold back her tears, deeply moved by Vinay’s unwavering commitment to her well-being and happiness.

She cried and hugged him. But someone called her to get dressed for the Vidaayi and she had to go. He promised to wait. For as long as it took..

As the time for Trisha’s Bidaayi, the farewell ceremony, approached, Sia made the decision to accompany Trisha to her in-laws’ home for a few days.

“I have to go with her for a couple of days,” she told Vinay.

“I thought only she would go. You never said anything about this,” Vinay was visibly sad but gave her the space.

This choice allowed her to have some personal time to sort through her deep and complex feelings.


He called her after 3 days of no contact. “Hey.. Are you okay? That’s all I need to know.”

“I am okay,” she said.

“You didn’t call or answered my texts. I got scared. I am sorry.”

“It is not working out for me, Vinay. We should part ways.”

“Part ways…” he said barely audible. “Are you okay, Sia?”

“I am fine. I just don’t want to talk to you anymore.”

“Did I trigger any of your trauma?” He asked.

“Yes,” She could only say as she cried.

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to. I want to meet you just one last time. Same burger shop. I will wait all night. Give me five minutes if you can. That’s all I ask. I promise, I will not say anything to hurt you. I just want to see you one last time, Sia.”

“I won’t come, Vinay.”

He waited. Like he promised. But she didn’t come.


Sia found herself in the difficult position of breaking up with Vinay. She struggled to articulate all the reasons behind her decision but expressed her need for space. It was a challenging and emotional moment for both, with Vinay consumed by sadness and regret, while still respecting Sia’s wishes and holding hope for her healing and happiness.

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