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Shikha, a person filled with love, life and goodness. A true friend and one of the purest souls; exactly the qualities that is reflected in her writing as well, the aspect that brings out the absolute best in her.
Priyanshu Thakuria
Developer, Reader, Batman
Shikha Sharma – A name behind many pages and stories. She’s really special to me during anthology #kavita250. She’s been like pillar all the time. Her enthusiasm towards writing is commendable. I think she’s not only writing poems and stories, in fact she is living those things so deeply. Great job.
Jyoti Gupta
Author, Dance Teacher
From stories to motivational anecdotes, there is nothing that she cannot explain by writing. Writing is an art, but to be able to convey the message through writing, is a virtue. And she totally nails it!! Her life is given to her for this purpose, and I wish her all the luck, may the universe always guide her.
Shweta Sharma
I know Shikha from 3 years now, and I can say that knowing her quite well surprises about human genre. Shikha is blessed with insane energy and skill, she makes things happens. Her research amazes me in pleasant ways. As a writer, I see her absorbing the aroma and blooming in the most righteous way, she considers and mull over the feedbacks of all kind and process them organically by pondering and discussing. Not to be mentioned, I look forward to her and am quite convinced that she will create her niche.
Shraddha Suman Rai
Business Woman
No one gives better personalized gifts than Shikha. I can vouch for that.
Pallavi Lodha
Reader, Dreamer, Lover

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